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Whether it's the wedding day you've been dreaming about your whole life, photos with your favorite person in the entire world, or you're celebrating the huge milestone of graduating, I'm here and fully dedicated to capturing authentic, beautiful, and quality photos of all of your special moments!

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You can expect that I will put my whole heart and effort into your photos, because I care deeply about each person who comes my way! You aren't just a client to me, you are my friends!

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"                  contagious excitement      creativity                              memorable experience!     dedication and professionalism               phenomenal quality work                       "
                                          - A+E

"                  contagious excitement      creativity                         memorable experience!        dedication and professionalism                phenomenal quality
work                    "- A+E

              Rachel maintained a                                                       and                           and made                the whole session a                                                       Her                                                                                             is top-notch with                                                                to share for years to come.

               Rachel maintained a 
                              and                           and made the
  whole session a 
  Her                                                                             is         top-notch with                                                                           to share for years to come.

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